July 19, 2015


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How can we help?

How do I enrol?

1). Decide if you would like to try our Ballet, Jazz or Aerobic Gymnastic Classes. If you can’t decide between the these awesome styles then give us a call to try us out call 0800 Soul 2 Sole or text Dianne on 021 400553

2). Enroling online is easy click our enrolment page and follow the steps. You can enrol at class also or by emailing admin@soul2sole.co.nz

What should my child wear?

Students are encouraged to wear anything that helps them to love the way they move. No need for expensive uniforms or shoes. While ballet shoes are welcome for our ballet classes, dancing bare foot is also fine to start with. Aerobic Gymnastic classes are more suited to sports shoes however just getting started is priority and shoes can wait if need be.

Do I need to purchase a uniform?

As we are starting up at the new location of Waiuku there is no set uniform at present so suitable comfortable movement clothing is required. There will be an affordable uniform requirement down the track.

Is it possible to enrol part way through a term?
Yes, new students generally can enrol part way through the term.